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We are "The Robot Scientists" and create mixtapes for friends called "Musica da Batticuore" with sleazy, driving, futuristic space disco classics, but also with some minimal synth, new wave, electro and cosmic disco classics and NuItalo tracks. We are old school, we own of loads of original and obscure vinyls - and we mix them live when recording our mixtapes. Apart from creating live mixes, we are DJs and produce edits and remixes. See our work as a promotion for all these ultra-unknown but amazing artists. If you like a track, think about getting the vinyl, a tangible piece of art with a value, at ebay, gemm or discogs! Check out today's artists of the NuItalo scene, releasing on hip labels like Italians do it better, Clone, Flexx, Aube, Viewlexx and the like. In case you want to go on a space & time trip with us, let us know, just send a mail. We are based in South Western Germany, one of the most centrally located places in Central Europe, so we can hit the dancefloor anywhere quite quickly.

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