Still I’m Sad

First there were The Yardbirds with 1965’s “Still I’m Sad” – 1st goth song ever (as some believe).

Boney M. made its heartfelt version in 1977.

But we took hairy & marasmic hard-rock cover made by Ritchie Blackmore’s hand (1975). Fantastic cowbell work turns it into sparkling funk-rock stick of dynamite.

Rainbow “Still I’m Sad” (How_Beezar Mad Cow Edit)


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  • Comment | 04/08/2011

    very clean and technical cut-up job.
    Good track choice!
    Did the original material feature that funny cow bell as well?

    P.S. I didn’t know this track but it automatically reminded me of this : 😀

  • Comment | 05/08/2011

    Yeah, the melodies are slightly similar to each other.
    Original track has the cowbells. That’s no surprising, as we know that Blackmore finally came to a kind of pastoral music ))

  • Comment | 07/08/2011

    Grand Tour = Ian Guenther & Willi Morrison (THP Ork, American Fade etc) did a 70’s disco version of this, it’s on the album On Such A Winter’s Day.

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