Sources of Power Edit

It was relatively tedious but I’ve finally managed to extend my previous very short edit and turn all those various tiny snippets into one 8-minute-long monster edit. Additional production kept to the bare minimum. Enjoy.

John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson – Sources Of Power (Okay Edit) (?/2011)

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  • Comment | 29/06/2011

    lovely Safari of Love-esque tune, has an overall feel of magnificence, kudos okay!

  • Comment | 29/06/2011

    Exactly. I actually have the original as well, must dig it up immediately.

  • Comment | 29/06/2011

    I’d be curious to know which version you have? Are these lots of short samples (like on the Sonoton Corporate release)? or one single track with intro/bridge/chorus/outro?

  • Comment | 29/11/2013

    So much epic, many cosmos, wow!

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