“Russians Got Groove” Report Mix

How_Beezar presents first report on the subject “Got the Russians a groove?” for your enjoyment.

Let’s consider all the materials.

01. Gennady Belov / Hello Mama (How_Beezar Sketch)
Sketch based on the short cosmic prelude to good song about mama (composer D. Tukhmanov).

02. Eolika / I Forgot Your Face (How_Beezar Extended Re-Edit)
Unforgettable song: true dark-disco monument. Also responds to the tag “Raimond Pauls, give us house!” — slogan since era of first Russian raves (composer R. Pauls, 1980).

03. Verasy / Snowman (How_Beezar Instrumental Re-Edit)
Delicate funky-groove track with a cosmic flavour (1979).

04. Krasny Maki / Discs Are Circling (How_Beezar Re-Edit)
Stout deep disco, produced by awful Yury Chernavsky. The blackest track of the mix with a perfect beat (composer D. Tukhmanov, 1980).

05. Valerie Pavlov / Stop The Music (How_Beezar Sketch)
Jazz-funk sketch made of three fragments of ditty with splendid bass and desperate lyrics about a girl dancing with other guy (composer D. Tukhmanov, 1978).

06. Janna Aguzarova  / Eagle (How_Beezar 2011 Garage Re-Edit)
Unexpectedly deep garage groove with overloaded shuffle-bass from best Russian pop-singer (1990).

07. How_Beezar presents: Ludmila Zykina / Malaya Zemlya
Outstanding song dedicated to the heroic defense of the bridgehead Malaya Zemlya near Novorossiysk in 1943. Soviet deep soul (composer A. Pakhmutova, 1978).

08. Yury Chernavsky / Hello, Bananan Boy (How_Beezar Instrumental Re-Edit)
Maestro Chernavsky again. This time with soviet disco-not-disco (1983).

09. All-Union Radio Orchestra /  Fight Is Going On Again (How_Beezar 7 inch Re-Edit)
Soviet propaganda march-funk with knocking down trumpet solo (composer A. Pakhmutova, 1978).

10. Yury Antonov / I Remember (How_Beezar 2011 Re-Work)
Disco-rock masterpiece with ethereal synth solo in the middle. Here’s final version of the edit. No “poppy segments”, just pure magic.

11. Zodiac / Mysterious Galaxy (How_Beezar Edit)
Cosmic classic, 1982. Most popular soviet disco project in the world. The edit (my very first, incidentally) has been published in the previous release “How_Beezar: 1 year of re-edits” (2010), but this mix would be incomplete without it.

12. Valerie Leontiev / I Don’t Say Good-Bye (How_Beezar Sketch)
Hi-NRG sketch. Mr. Leontiev could not come to the studio at all (as well as Mr. Antonov).

So, I think the answer is obvious: “Yes, the Russians got groove”.
Quod erat demonstrandum.

download (mp3, 320 kbps, .cue file, cover, 125 Mb)


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  • Comment | 09/05/2011

    Rise and dance, mighty Octobriana and Ilsa, Tigress of Siberia (as played by Dyanne Thorne of course)! Rise and dance all you sweaty battleship Potemkin guys sleeping in hammocks! You, Amphiman, surgically altered beyond the sea of Solaris – into the groove, comrade! Thousands dance now in a Vertov montage. Not only do I hear it I see it widescreen and in glorious tri-pack Sovcolor. I stand on guard and an eagle, rising from a distant peak, hovers on a par with me.


  • Comment | 11/05/2011

    Was playing non-stop in my mobile player yesterday evening, I really can’t get enough of it, I can’t name a favourite one among all these tracks, which are all benchmark edits, but of course “I remember” and “I Forgot Your Face” are just as impressive as ever. And I’ve discovered a new edit: Valerie Leontiev – I Don’t Say Good-Bye, I guess it’s a brand new one. Flawless.

  • Comment | 11/05/2011

    The power and the bravery of the glorious Soviet army revives, Brother! United, in the name of disco, we shall march!

  • Comment | 11/05/2011

    Thank you, guys! Now you may derive a strength from inexhaustible source of Russian Groove.
    Dear jussi! Your 1st comment deserves a separate post. This is pure poetry, thank you.
    BTW, who’s that Amphiman from Solaris? I can’t remember such character in the film…

  • Comment | 11/05/2011

    yes, okay_awright, you’re right: there are 3 new sketches (not full edits) in the mix. They are too short to become the edits, but quite cool to get in the mix.

  • Comment | 12/05/2011

    i want this released!

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