Fight Is Going On Again

One of main and mightiest soviet propaganda song (1978)  is curiously laid on funky beat and contains heroic “spaghetti-esque” trumpet solo.

All-Union Radio Orchestra – Fight Is Going On Again (How_Beezar 7 inch Re-Edit)

Ready to join Communist Party? Just call your regional representative!

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  • Comment | 11/04/2011

    was the funky beat originally in? or did you add it afterwards? Otherwise the authors have invented the very first “funky march” song, never heard one composed like that before, it’s unique, and original.

  • Comment | 11/04/2011

    all parts are taken from original (you may make sure of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZVr-wbxdD8), I’ve just added a few drum breaks (taken from original too).
    song is truly great, that’s right.

  • Comment | 16/04/2011

    Election day here tomorrow, but the local Communist Party does not have a theme song, let alone anything this kicking. I’m thrown against the walls by the effect, and as I slide down, I can see the chorus girls in severe uniforms and shiny boots stomping towards me.

  • Comment | 17/04/2011

    What a visionary comment… Thanks, Jussi! I hope, you’ve made a right choice today.

  • Comment | 20/04/2011

    I did the right thing but a numbing one fifth of the population voted for a party that welcomes neo-nazis, anti-abortionists, homofobia, racism and sheer general stupidity. Time for querilla action!

  • Comment | 26/04/2011

    love this one How_beezar, it has that pompous, epic and delightful Soviet propaganda touch which sounds superbe to my ears

  • Comment | 28/04/2011

    Thank you, italocarlito. You’re right – propaganda (not only Soviet one) can permit itself using the most talented creators.

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