As Loose As The Eurostoxx


An old DJ set I’ve dug up from a dusty hard drive, most likely recorded in late 2008 (hence this curious name.) I don’t recall the set being aired on the webradio, nor mixing it, but I’m defo proud of it upon listening to it now.

Big fat warning: if you can’t stand unlikely mashups, bits of eurodance and chiptunes here and there, loads of italo disco covers with huge sawtooth waves, please don’t listen to it. This post does really deserve its ‘wtf?’ tag.

Various Artists – As Loose As The Eurostoxx

  1. White Belt – International Karate Bootleg
  2. International Karate Interlude
  3. Capcom Sound Team – Mega Man 2 (Johan Agebjörn Remix)
  4. The Outrunners – Blazing Speed And Neon Lights With You vs. Technotronic – This Beat Is Technotronic
  5. Jeroen Tel – Supremacy Intro Theme
  6. Rude 66 – 1000 Year Storm vs. Cappella – U Got 2 Let The Music
  7. Space Master – Jumping To The Party (Radio Mix)
  8. Space Master – Jumping To The Party (Piano Mix) vs. Deemi – On The Radio
  9. Excess – Get Closer (Radio Edit)
  10. Valerie Dore – Get Closer
  11. Odessa – Spacer Woman
  12. Moulinex – Come on Closer
  13. The Bloody Beetroots – We Are From Venice
  14. Miss Plug Inn – Miss Plug Inn’s Theme (Discodromo Mix) vs. The S.O.S. Band – Borrowed Love
  15. Maethelvin & Paul Valenti Jr. – Looking For Love (Doomed Romance Mix)
  16. Samoa Park – Tubular Affair (Instrumental Version)
  17. G.A.N.G. – Incantations (Vocal)
  18. Mike Oldfield – Incantations (Part One)
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  • Comment | 12/03/2011

    Calvanized me right from the karate intros. I worship karate music. The intro alone made my day.

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