Gucko Gucko

Various Artists – Gucko Gucko 20110302

Vintage communist disco from Eastern Europe. It starts with regular (but twisted) disco, passes through electronic wtf territories, and finally ends with unashamedly cheesy italo disco and synthpop.

Yes, I know, the mixing is either atrocious or non-existent, but most tracks were severely warped. I honestly did my best. Excessive sweating, and astronomically huge amounts of swear words were involved in my failed attempt at beatmatching everything.

  1. Aleks Silvanni – Disco Stomp
  2. Judit Szűcs – Soul-Train
  3. Slađana Milošević – Imam Sve
  4. Mimi Ivanova and “Start” – Disco Vek
  5. Judit Szűcs – Disco In Space
  6. Okay Edit – Autumn Leaves
  7. Vocal Trio “M” – Disco, Disco – Closing
  8. Pavel Ovsyannikov – Towards The Stars
  9. Flame – Labyrinth
  10. Oliver Mandić – Moja Draga Voli Kurosavu
  11. Andrei Rodionov & Boris Tikhomirov – I’m A Board Computer
  12. Kamelie – Poseidon
  13. Cantus Chor & Orchester Lothar Kehr – Hoch Im All
  14. Eclipse Line – ?
  15. Danuta Lato – I Need You
  16. Boys Next Door – Lady Of The Night
  17. Blagovest Argirov – A School Letter
  18. Okay Edit – Simple


  • Comment | 04/03/2011

    The day did not start well: latest polls indicate the nationalist (read: neo-nazi) party is gaining strenght in my country, Silvio Berlusconi is in town and I could not get a back row seat for any of the screenings of Black Swan tonight- why are the screens so big now that you can’t fully inspect the compositions without sitting at the very back? Then I saw this post and everything seems inspiring, interesting and yes, weird again.

  • Comment | 04/03/2011

    This mix is really…disturbing, like opening up doors to a series of rooms with strange odours, distorted mirrors and dim throbbing lights. You feel like you should turn around and flee but you can’t help youself, you wander deeper and deeper in, getting lost, excited, falling down, feeling the touch of unknown hands all over, and…- In any case, it’s all very well mixed and impressive in the extreme.

  • Comment | 06/03/2011

    Excuse me, I can’t find a download link anywhere…

  • Comment | 06/03/2011

    right click on the MP3 link above, and then “save link as” or “save target as” depending on the browser 😉

  • Comment | 06/03/2011

    Hmm, so easily…

  • Comment | 10/03/2011


    I realy like this: Okay Edit – Autumn Leaves

    What is that?


  • Comment | 10/03/2011

    hi yuri,

    it’s that song:

  • Comment | 14/03/2011

    this mix is fantastic okay! I’ll keep the playlist of this and start looking for every single track……this is really connoisseurs material and surely will not be forgotten for a long time, also stays pretty well as a reference set for those avid to look more into eastern disco! kudos!

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