Sven Grünberg (“The Dead Mountaineer Hotel” OST)

Euphoric space-rock theme of Estonian electronic musician Sven Grünberg (in nowadays he is a director of Buddhism Institute in Tallinn).

This film (1979, Tallinn-film, Estonia) is based on sci-fi novel of Strugatsky brothers (soviet writers duo) and primarily curious as an example of estonian representation of west-europian capitalistic life-style: cosmic music, scandinavian interiors, bald-headed women-robots and, well… of course, sex.

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  • Comment | 06/02/2011

    OMG. The Estonias did get everything exactly right.

  • Comment | 07/02/2011

    Thumbs up! My kind of dope! Has it ever been released – I mean, available on reocrd?

  • Comment | 07/02/2011

    OST has been released in 2001, as Sven Grünberg “Hukkunud Alpinisti Hotell” (http://www.discogs.com/Sven-Gr%C3%BCnberg-Hukkunud-Alpinisti-Hotell/release/1418909), available in Mp3.

    Don’t miss also excellent jazzy prog-rock suite of Sven’s band “Mess”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c5G-JYSEzQ

  • Comment | 08/02/2011

    I’m liking more and more all those experimental prog rock stuff, especially of this quality; BTW I found the reference of this re-edition CD (and the track in preview is called “ball”), as soon as it is delivered I’m sure it will find its place within the webradio “late night session”. Very nice finding how_beezar! And did I forget to properly greet you for becoming a new contributor? did I? really? …make yourself at home.

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