House Of Music Footages

Better late than never…

The never-aired-before video-clip footages of two seminal House Of Music records – and maybe the two songs that define the best song-writing qualities of early Italo Disco: Stop and Dog In The Night.

Stefano Zitto himself put them online on YouTube.

Maybe you’ve already seen them a long time ago, but, as usual, I’m a bit late.

Presumably Helen (the actual track singer), Stefano Zitto’s wife.

The unnamed Australian bloke known as Mr. Master.

It’s the exact same cheap TV set and overall feeling of complete improvisation, not to mention that the camera work is boldly nauseous… but the music excuses everything.

Note that Stefano Zitto dates the Dog In The Night videoclip in 1981, not 1983.

Bonus for those who read that far, a chiptune-like remix of Stop:

B.W.H. – Stop (Okay Boulderdash 1984 Remix) (1983/2010)

Don’t worry, it’s meant to sound like a cheap videogame from the 80s. It’s that cheap, but at least all sound chips that have been used are period correct.

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  • Comment | 25/10/2010

    i’ve recently seen that Stop video, I was apparently missing the Mr. Master……and the chiptune remix of BWH is wow super dark!

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