Top 10 for August 2010

With incredible delay here it goes a best of August 2010, soon the best of September, too……

1. obscure masterpiece with a gentle Overfitted make up!

Stern Combo Meissen – In Den Kosmos

2. Massiera essential for any serious disco freak, you must read the full post here

Herman’s Rocket – Hanged In Univers [1977]

3. Super rare afro disco holy grail, strictly for vinyl junkies!

Eko-Kilimandjaro My Home

4. O.R.S. sounded american due to their Salsoul connection, but they were a German band led by legendary producer Anthony Monn. Some tracks of this album are still unreleased, for the full story you have to go here

ORS (Orlando Riva Sound) – Who Built The Pyramids?

5. Teresa Waiter was replaced by that fierce bitch that is Grace Jones, in the original version of La Vie En Rose. Overfitting Disco in this post has put another missing piece of Disco history back in the puzzle, huge kudos Jussi!

6. “Italia Numero Uno” by our beloved okay_awright has been a magnificent summer set filled with overlooked italian only gems, you got to go to the full post here

7. Finnish super obscure delicatessen Auringonmaa will surely blow your mind!

8. Another Overfitting exclusive edit here! Go get Autumn Leaves now!

9. If you’re sporting the “I BELIEVE IN DISCO” shirt, then Credo is gonna be your solemnis mass!

10. Get ready to push your feet on the pedal, cause Amazing Bongo Band – Dragster is a sick B.O.M.B.!

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  • Comment | 28/09/2010

    Auringonmaa! Auringonmaa! Auringonmaa!

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