how_beezar_graphic3One thing I can thank the rise of music blogs and websites for is the exposure to sounds and artists I probably would otherwise have never heard in my lifetime. As an English person, this is especially true of both communist era and post-communist Eastern European/Russian music and in recent years I have become fascinated by the ‘otherness‘ of the sounds coming out of these vast territories.

From the film soundtracks of Russian composers such as Eduard Artemyev & Alexey Rybnikov to strange seventies disco courtesy of the Bulgarian Balkanton record label via the tripped out vintage “space” sounds of the 2002 Kosmos – Soundtracks Of Eastern Germany’s Adventures In Space album and right up to date with the current disco/house/electronica/edits produced by people like Pnk.Discorp from Poland, the Slovenian duo Ichisan & Nakova and the remixes and edits of Russian music-makers Alien Delon and How_Beezar.

I recently got in touch with How_Beezar and he kindly sent me some re-edits to post on Overfitting Disco as well as some information about himself.

How_Beezar is a former punk, indie & trip-hop drummer who spent ten years playing in a variety of Russian bands before sucumbing to the deep disco. I first came across How_Beezar via his 2009 bootleg compilation, the wonderfully named ‘Tracks That Left Their Time Behind (1977-1983)’ released on his digital label ‘Ctrl+Z Records‘. and still available to download for free via his LiveJournal page. Anyone who has the good taste to include tracks from Robotwerke, Hott City, Shock and Kikrokos as a way of mapping out the precursors/roots of house/techno/electronica without simply relying on the usual suspects, was someone worth checking out.

Since then How_Beezar has released a steady stream of diverse mind & body provoking re-edits, some of which are gathered together as a single digital release called ‘One Year Of Re-Edits 2009-2010‘ (along with a couple of well selected original tracks). It’s available for free via the above link and comes as a single mixed MP3 file with cue file (so you can either burn it to disc or create single tracks using freeware like the nifty Medieval cue-splitter).

It has been difficult to choose any single re-edit to give a flavour of what to expect from How_Beezar so I have settled for three. The first one comes from the well-known (amongst cosmic space cadets anyway) Russian electronic artists Zodiac and is taken from their 1983Music In The Universe‘ album. The re-edit pumps up the afro-infused drum workout and slap-bass signature into a JP Massiera like frenzy before launching the signature zodiac synth melody into the stratosphere.

Zodiac – Mysterious Galaxy [How_Beezar Re-Edit 2009]

The second choice is an edit of one of my all time favourite tracks of any musical genre, Jesse Henderson’s 1977 masterpiece ‘I Did It Again‘. Sometimes a successful edit is knowing when not to mess with perfection but simply expand on what makes the track truly great and on hearing the extended drum breaks, it is clear How_Beezar knows this lesson well. If anything it reminds me of a Larry Levan live mix, high praise indeed.

Jesse Henderson – I Did It Again [How_Beezar Re-Edit 2009]

Note: because of server file size limitations I have had to re-encode this MP3 at 256 however the full 320 version can be downloaded below:

Jesse Henderson track 320 via Mediafire

The third and final track takes us back to Russia & 1980 with a re-edit of artist/composer Yury Antonov’sI Remember‘ (or ‘I Reminisce‘ depending on the translation) which features on the soundtrack of the 1981 Russian film ‘Take Care Of The Women!‘. How_Beezar kindly provided a Youtube clip from the film (check out the background dancing, clearly Russian and European nightclubs of the early eighties shared the same ‘crap dancing’ aesthetic). It is worth watching just to hear how the track has been radically reworked.

The re-edit is a total heads-down no nonsense boogie kind of affair that burns the guitar licks deep into your soul and long after you have heard it, that hook will still be swirling around your brain.

Yury Antonov – I Remember [How_Beezar Re-Edit 2010]

How_Beezar has done two different edits of the above track and the 2009 version can be found on his re-edits compilation album).

To contact How_Beezar or keep up to date with his ongoing releases, here are the all important links:




I would just like to thank How_Beezar for kindly offering to share his material with Overfitting Disco and I hope in the future we can share some more of his re-edits.

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  • Comment | 03/09/2010

    top notch, he knows his stuff! I felt entranced with the Yury Antonov – I Remember track, wow. The cut-up job reminds me of the best crydamoure/roulé material while being more subtle.

    P.S. yeah well sorry about the server limitation, it’s just that bandwidth can be pretty expensive, fast.

  • Comment | 03/09/2010

    the chopped-up guitar riff is definitely hypnotizing. The motif was already present in the original version but it’s well enhanced here. The poppy segments that appear from time to time (middle bridge and conclusion) are just too much IMHO, the minimal guitar licks could well support the whole groove alone. Agreed, the pop segments only last 30 seconds or so each time 🙂

  • Comment | 03/09/2010

    I am sure people are grateful that they can directly download 20 meg files and anyway, I have put a 320 link to the track…..we get way overcharged here in the UK, they sign too many people up to share one line and no-one gets the speeds they are promised…bandwidth indeeds cost.

    I think the Yury Antonov track is a total killer track, I really hope someone picks it up, definitely worth a release.

  • Comment | 05/09/2010

    Thanks for the tracks !

  • Comment | 05/09/2010

    Severely and rapidly addictive. Also very beautiful and sinister at the same time, like advanced science.

  • Comment | 05/09/2010

    if jussi agrees as well then it must be the definitive dope indeed 🙂 now, a bootleg label must pick this one up, fast.

  • Comment | 07/09/2010
    the saucer people

    How_Beezar should be very happy to get the Jussi seal of approval for his re-edit of the Yury Antonov “I Remember” track…I wish I had a bootleg label up & running, this would make a great release as it is one of those tracks that word work on a few different crowds I imagine.

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