La Vie En Rose by Teresa Waiter


Teresa Waiter – La Vie En Rose

An absolute rarity: the original, unrealesed mix of the 1977 disco version of “La Vie En Rose”, before the Teresa Waiter vocal track was replaced by that of Grace Jones.

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  • Comment | 20/08/2010

    My gods Jussi, the entire Teresa Waiter version of ‘La Vie En Rose’ and in such great quality as well!

    You deserve some kind of disco canonisation for this one!

    I presumed the only person in the world who had a copy of this was Bobby Viteritti (I heard it on one of his Trocadero Transfer sleazy morning mixes ages ago) but I had always assumed it was one of his own creations.

    I had absolutely no idea Teresa recorded it first and as it’s my favourite Grace Jones track, its a total revalation to find out Grace essentially copied her vocal style on the track albeit adding her own flamboyant “grace-isms”.

    As I can find out nothing about Teresa Waiter apart from some reference to a 1977 Out Label album, I can only imagine she left the record industry in disgust after getting side-lined for Grace Jones.

    Given how popular the track is can you imagine she has had to spend the last 33 years thinking “but I recorded it first and no-one knows!”

    Huge kudos to ya for this one Jussi!

  • Comment | 20/08/2010

    Wow, THIS is a revelation.

    There must be an interesting backstory regarding this track. Was this Teresa Waiter replaced at the last minute follwing the producers’ advices? Did she withdraw from the team for “creative reasons” or whatever? Was Grace Jones pushing a bit too hard to sing it first hand? Is it just plagiarism? etc

    I’m sure you can enlighten us, I’d love to know a bit more.

  • Comment | 20/08/2010

    You guessed right – Teresa was replaced by the producer who had just discovered La Jones. The decision is easy to understand isn’t it – I mean Teresa is a very good singer but Grace is Grace. There Can Only Be One. Teresa’s version is good but “ordinary” whereas with Grace the whole thing shoots into a new outrageous dimension, non?

  • Comment | 20/08/2010

    yep, you’re most certainly right, but every new track, and especially such rarities, have a “special aura” to my ears that make them very unique and very likeable in their own way.

  • Comment | 20/08/2010

    Thanks for the background on the Teresa Waiter story and while I totally agree with you that the Grace Jones version takes the song into another dimension, this track definitely has the ‘special aura’ that okay_awright mentioned.

    Infact it’s very similar to what I experienced a few months ago when I heard the original version of ‘I Believe In Miracles’ by Mark Capanni who co-wrote the song & released it in promo form only I think before the Jackson Sisters did their version…now I love both versions and I think it will be the same with the La Vie En Rose track from now on!

    Here is the Mark Capanni version for anyone who has not heard it:

    Jussi – so was there an album released by Teresa Waiter on Out Records in ’77 or did she ever release anything else?

  • Comment | 20/08/2010

  • Comment | 20/08/2010

    i’m pretty sure 70s stiil have many secret sides, and it’s so wonderful to see some are revealed here and i’m so happy about this!

  • Comment | 21/08/2010

    Thanks for the links okay_awright, clearly she didn’t leave the record industry in tears on getting usurped by Grace Jones! I spy a couple of albums/12 Inches and will definitely put her on my radar.

    70s disco music is like an iceberg for me, I realise I have only heard a fraction of what is lying under the surface and thats why I love sites like these!

  • Comment | 05/05/2013

    Great post! Grace Jones’ La Vie En Rose has always been a favourite of mine… Thanks for enlightening me about this one and sharing a bit of history…! THANKS

  • Comment | 07/09/2017

    Hey Jussi, any chance of reuploading this please?

  • Comment | 08/09/2017

    I think there will be, yes…

  • Comment | 03/10/2017

    That would be fantastic, thanks a million

  • Comment | 04/10/2017

    check the recent posts it’s there already

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