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No real news here, just a very fine edit by the amazing Leftside Wobble that deserves a big nod IMHO.


Change was already minimal disco, it’s even more minimal, but almost house, and with mucho gusto for sure.

From the Soundcloud page:

Something that’s forthcoming. This ones an unashamed screamer (featuring a massive Jocelyn Brown chorus), reworked from the Change track, Angel In My Pocket. It’s also the first Leftside Wobble collaboration, (done with Guy Williams, one of DJ’s behind the Black Rabbit and Reverso parties).

Likely to do some other mixes on this too. Jx

It’s been released on vinyl since then.

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  • Comment | 20/08/2010

    Leftside Wobble is definitely one of the more interesting people working in the re-editing arena…I still marvel at the edits he did on The Beatles ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ & Curtis Mayfield’s ‘If There’s Hell Below…’, two incredibly difficult tracks to not mess up completely as the BPMs and beats are all over the place!

    The ‘Angel In My Pocket’ rework is no exception, talk about talent! It reminds me of some of the Mark E tracks which is high praise indeed…

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