Herman’s Rocket LP 1977

“For Herman’s Rocket and Venus Gang the tracks were composed with mixes of delirious voices and moogs. Musicians and singers improvised totally. Afterward I added “theme” gimmicks and different mixes keeping it fresh and unplanned.” – J.P.Massiera


This is the first post from the saucer people in England and I would like to thank everyone at Overfitting Disco for giving me the opportunity to share some of the tracks that I love with an audience who really appreciate the truly strange and disorientating beauty of what we call “disco music“.

If you look back through the hundreds of tracks posted here since its inception in late 2007 (as I have done trying to find records that have not already been posted!) you will find such a diverse collection of musical styles & genres, often spanning decades. Yet amongst all this diversity one can almost discern a hidden thread running through each individual track as though on some deep fractal, non-local level they are all connected to each other.

What this mysterious connection is exactly, it’s hard to say and instead perhaps we should simply think of Overfitting Disco as a metaphorical akashic jukebox or maybe, just maybe, a quite literal hall of records!

Herman’s Rocket – Transport Mission Security [1977]

Herman’s Rocket – Hanged In Univers [1977]

Anyway, on with the music, that’s why you are here after all and as you can see from above, I have chosen two tracks from the 1977 Herman’s Rocket album Space Woman on the Disques Ibach label by the legendary cosmic space duo J.P. Massiera and Bernard Torelli.

If the first track Transport Mission Security (co-written with Disques Ibach’s founder and label boss H. Goldera AKA Humbert Petrucci) sounds familiar, it should as it uses the same drum pattern and distorted vocals as the more well known Space Woman track (posted elsewhere at Overfitting) but when a song’s structure is that good, its worth recycling. The second track Hanged In Univers (and no that’s not a spelling mistake though I wish it was as I have always wanted to drop an ‘e’ at the end of the universe) is the real killer sound for me, pounding four to the floor beat, driving bassline and glossolalia wailing space banshees, what more could a space woman or man want?

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  • Comment | 06/08/2010

    Hi people

    Well, I think I managed my first post! I appreciate its a little longer text wise than most posts on here, I just wanted to thank everybody for being kind enough to allow me along for the cosmic ride…future posts will be shorter!

  • Comment | 06/08/2010

    saucer people

    what a start! 🙂 welcome aboard!!!

  • Comment | 06/08/2010

    I see that you’ve made the introduction yourself 🙂 I had completely overlooked those tracks, they’re top quality indeed …And make yourself at home saucer people.

  • Comment | 09/08/2010

    The wailing sound on Hanged in Univers keeps me wide-eyed at night, I don’t know if I should thank you on my knees or damn you to eternity.

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