Top 9 for July 2010

I post this ticket on behalf of Jussi, it’s actually his selection for this month.


Very hard to choose, been a month with incredible music but here goes:

  1. Micky & Joyce – Hold Up – If  Russ Meyer’s girl gang classic “Faster Pussycat Kill Kill” had been postponed until 1978 this would have been the theme song. Rough, intense disco perfection.
  2. The Electric Kids – Schizoid ”Disco” Kid –  Even rougher, even more perfect – or is it? Would Micky&Joyce kick the Kid’s ass? This month’s tracks are way too deadly.
  3. Nico Fidenco – Make Love On The Wing
  4. Roy Pisanelli – Playback
  5. Shitan –  Disco Shitan
  6. La Doppia Faccia – Alibi
  7. Bons baisers d’Antibes – Année 1978
  8. Doctor Electro – Electro Melody
  9. Neil Richardson – Riviera Affair – well, it is the holiday season.
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