Space Rescue


Zoom – Space Rescue

Spain 1978. Little known realese from Bebu Silvetti & L.M. Tottis, the men behind “Spring Rain”.

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  • Comment | 23/07/2010

    such a lovely tune!

  • Comment | 24/07/2010

    The Zoom ‘Space Rescue’ track is unbelievably good! When Silvetti gets it right, no-one can beat him for those towering orchestral stabs, the way they drive the song along like a steam train in full flight.

    Whats astonishing about this track is the fact I cannot find a single reference to it on the interweb, zilch, nada, sweet nothing! Silvetti is hardly an obscure figure and yet this track seems to have completely disappeared down the memory hole.

    Any help on release details? Spain 1978, got that much!

    Such a shame Silvetti did not create more ‘space’ related music as his arrangemnets really have that Wagnerian 2001 ‘Zarathustra’ vibe about them and apart from ‘Skylab’ & ‘Concert From The Stars’ and now this track, it was all love, weather & seasons! I made the mistake recently of getting his 1980 ‘I Love You’ album and apart from the sugary but cool title track it was truly awful! Wonder what he is doing now?

  • Comment | 24/07/2010

    I replaced the pic with the label – why the image appears elongated in my pc at least I have no idea.

    There’s nothing much else on the lp apart from Space Rescue, though, except for ok track Salem’s Witch on side 2. The Letter is pointless, and everything else is ballads.

    The sleeve has the word Zoom printed in red over a light blue background and a stamp-size picture of the presumed singers, 3 girls & 3 guys, and on black letters, “Especial Discoteca Especial”.

    I also have a strange Silvetti solo lp made in Spain in 1976 with 3 minute disco versions of Spanish mor standards, never saw that one in discoqs either or anywhere else.

  • Comment | 02/11/2010

    i am going slowwwwly mad trying to get a copy of this. any leads / ideas gratefully welcomed!!

  • Comment | 02/11/2010

    indeed, but in my case I simply gave up (for now) As usual, jussi is still one step ahead of everyone, but it will resurface on the market, one day or the other.

  • Comment | 03/11/2010

    this is a hard find, almost like the Babette LP or the Hot Pepper one….

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