Superfighter 2


Fighting Spirits Orchestra – Superfighter 2

Japan 1982

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  • Comment | 20/06/2010

    this is amazing! It does really sound like it was taken from a Nintendo video game from the early 90s. Tops.

  • Comment | 21/06/2010

    why it reminds me of this?


  • Comment | 21/06/2010

    ..with the proper differences of course

  • Comment | 21/06/2010

    I for one it see it very close to the Super Nintendo System sound chip capabilities (with the not so proper differences of course) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geIbPZhdE8w . Straight from Osaka this one too jussi?

  • Comment | 22/06/2010
    jussi kantonen

    Yep, this lp is from Osaka’s King Kong Records in the funky America Mura (?!) part of the city. Osaka is not too scenic compared to Kyoto or Tokyo but no complaints in the vinyl store situation there for sure. The album has other interesting cuts as well, I’ll be posting a few more.

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