Automat are Romano Musumarra & Claudio Gizzi two italian keyboardists working with the programmer Mario Maggi also builder of the MCS70 the main synthesizer used for this album released in 1978 on EMI.

You can hear side A here which is a suite in 3 parts composed by C.Gizzi and the other contains shorter tracks by R.Musumarra like the famous “Droid” covered many times (see the post here).

Automat -A- The Rise, The Advance, The Genus (1978)


Automat -B2- Ultraviolet

Automat -B3- Mecadence

More informations (even technical) about “Automat”

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  • Comment | 16/02/2008

    didn’t know about this MCS70 synth, are the whole songs composed with it?

  • Comment | 16/02/2008

    XD Alright I didn’t think to search. For the MCS70 it seems to be right… edit: maybe not for all tracks. I’ve seen no information about that.

  • Comment | 16/02/2008

    even if the drawing is quite bad, I don’t know why but I do love the cover of the LP. There’s this droid looking at its human side/face and then on the back cover it has disappeared, leaving only some trails in the mud or sand.

  • Comment | 16/02/2008

    I agree cover art is quite original and poetic. Love it too. And I’m searching for the artist…

  • Comment | 17/02/2008

    are the other tunes from Automat as good as this one? Do you know where one can listen to the rest of the album? thanks

  • Comment | 18/02/2008

    I don’t own a copy of this LP but perhaps Kundalini does. I hope so, it would be a great follow-up post.

  • Comment | 18/02/2008

    oh and BTW, Droid (the first on the B Side) is in preview, just follow the link from kundalini’s post. “Ultraviolet” and “Mecadence” are still missing.

  • Comment | 18/02/2008

    Barbra, I’m glad you love it too 😀 so for you I put other samples, and don’t hesitate to mail me.

    Both sides are wonderful pieces but I really love the first. Really impressive futuristic pieces. “Droid” is best-known I think because it’s the real disco part and I like it too. For my taste the other tracks are even “better”.

    And Okay I found a really complete page on wikipedia. You’ll know everything with that. 😉

  • Comment | 18/02/2008

    First time I’m able to listen to listen to the 2 other ones. They’re really good too. Thanks a lot!

  • Comment | 18/02/2008

    just a sample those tracks are progressive too so a little sample isn’t really demonstrative. But yeah great tunes also.

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