Picnic Beyond The Oort Cloud

vapbtoc586181-8161736817 Beware: it’s absolutely not meant to be your ordinary dancefloor mixset.

It may even act as a powerful sleep inducer, depending on your current mood 🙂

Various Artists – Picnic Beyond The Oort Cloud (Right-click to save)

  1. Klaus Schulze – Stardancer (1977)
  2. Brain Machine – Eternal Night (2008)
  3. Эдуард Артемьев – Crusade (1979)
  4. Dusty Kid – The Fugue (2009)
  5. Minilogue – Inca (2007)
  6. Zanov – Running Beyond A Dream (1976)
  7. Soft Machine – Soft Space Part 1 (1978)
  8. Guy Gerber & Chaim – My Space (2007)
  9. Isao Tomita – Strong Electromagnetic Waves (1978)
  10. N’To – Kawaspresso (2008)
  11. Paperclip People – “Remake” Duo (Eich. Me. Son. Sche.) (1994)
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  • Comment | 25/04/2010

    Simultaneously tense and almost transparently light (depending on which perspective you experience it from) this really shines, with sophisticated sequencing and precision engineering.

  • Comment | 27/04/2010

    thanks jussi. For sure it’s a bit lacking focus most of the time, and it doesn’t display any technical prowess too, but I enjoyed spinning it a lot. I just hope you may like it too, even if very different from the rest.

  • Comment | 28/04/2010

    I’ve said it before and I say it again I know you’d impress in any club with this, or any other stuff you’ve done.

  • Comment | 29/04/2010

    this is different from the rest of the things I’ve listened from you so far, but it sure is quite a high level. I really do not care that much about the technical things, to me is all about the musical selection, that I really liked (and btw, either “A grade B movies” is on my heavy rotation playlist)……..

  • Comment | 30/04/2010

    thanks italoc! glad i ended up posting it instead of throwing it in the bin then, eh

  • Comment | 06/05/2010

    Love this mix, will listen to it the next time i do acid 😀

    Love the picture to, know where i can find it in high res?

    Just dropped by your site an month ago, and I’ve found a bunch of new tracks already. Thanks!

  • Comment | 06/05/2010


    it’s the cover art of an average sci-fi novel by Larry Niven : Protector (1973). It shows the artist’s view of a Dyson Sphere structure.

    Cheers for the message.

  • Comment | 28/09/2012

    great mix. love it. totally classy.

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