Top 6 For March 2010


  1. Tonica & Dominante – Tigre
    – italocarlito, if you can find the record I will mortgage a kidney in order to pay you to upload it to the radio 😉
  2. The Warlord – Alpha And Omega
    no one can beat The Warlord
  3. Freedom Machine – Attention All The Cars
    sounds like the same synth patch preset as Blush – Lift Off
  4. Kassav’ – Lagué Moin (Les Edits Du Golem Version)
    Jacob Desvarieux is a great funky guitar player
  5. Downbeats – Tornado
    is this really a flute?
  6. Mandrillo and Muppets Band – Pick Pack
    Celso Valli knows the score

Because six is just unfair, and because there were too many (very good) tracks this month: here’s a supplemental fix, unsorted this time

Sticky Jones Gang – Tunisian Ride

Barbara Norris – Heavy Hitter (Remix Instrumental)

Boytronic – Luna Square

Ayisha – Space Man

Cook County – Pinball Playboy (the intro makes it all)

M & G – Boogie Tonight

And now I don’t have enough space to even mention the soundtrack psycho-killers, Brazilian shakers and Italian poppy relics that graced those previous pages ( – but at least it’s now partially done.)

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