Walk Of The Dead


The masters of this voodoo ceremony are Etienne Jaumet, sound engineer and vintage synths collector, and Cosmic Neman, drummer in the band Herman Düne.

Zombie Zombie – Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free (Joakim Remix)

Their project Zombie-Zombie consists in awaking feelings of fear from the depths with some kind of retro-futuristic sounds and screams. They use such instruments as the theremin, a toy piano and more machines (ARPprodGX, Roland SH101, Prophet 600, 808 Roland…).

They were inspired by Romero‘s horror movies, also by John Carpenter, psychedelic music or krautrock as much as electronic and experimental sounds.

You can download a free mix of their various influences like Dopplereffekt, Pierre Henry, John Carpenter, Neu, Goblin, Suicide, and more.

The first Zombie-Zombie EP was released independently in 2006 on their label BoomBoomTchak.

See a live performance in 2007 “No Brain No Heart”

In 2007 the track “Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free”, with the guest Turzi and his guitar and synth, was released on Versatile Records as a preview of their forthcoming album “A Land For Renegades”.

See the video trailer for the new album 03-03-08

You can hear Joakim‘s remix with a more funky disco bassline but without losing the thrilling sense.

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  • Comment | 12/02/2008

    the 100th post! welcome on board kundalini. A first ticket with ‘dead’ style 😀 …this band appears to seriously kick arse. “More braaaiinns!” now, if you see what I mean 😉

  • Comment | 14/02/2008

    talkin’bout zombies.. my friend (still alive) has recorded a few videos during the last concert in Paris at the Nouveau Casino and I hope he will share them.

    Until there I’m waiting for their next album launch party in march the 6th:

  • Comment | 03/03/2008

    Zombie Zombie’s album OUT NOW March 3rd.

    With Iggy Pop’s cover “Nightclubbing” to listen on their page:

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