70s-dancing.jpg Hehe, I have absolutely no info regarding this band and their one and only album from 1979.
These are actually samples from Blackberry’s record and she forgot(? lazy you!) to post em up here.

Bob-A-Rela – Why Does It Rain?

Bob-A-Rela – Spend The Night

Bob-A-Rela – Money

Bob-A-Rela – Tobacco Road

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  • Comment | 11/02/2008

    Hah, but how you dare to quit me a post??!

    Quite sloth here lately, yes.

    It’s another George Lagios & Pat Deserio production.
    Tobacco Road is also nice (there was done some other covers) so you should fix it too.

    Thanks to Robotalx btw, who has sent me the record!

  • Comment | 11/02/2008

    oops 😀 i’ll fix it up!

  • Comment | 11/02/2008

    done 😉
    Bob-A-Rela – Tobacco Road

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