Top tracks of January 2010

  1. SteelCream – Ten Hertz (Parte Seconda) Electrifies the parts of the brain (and the body) few other tracks can reach.
  2. Charles Bernstein – Invasion of the Bee Girls Crazy Bee Girls on Prozacs and speed.
  3. The Intergalactic Orchestra – Star Probe Navigator
  4. Flirt – Flirt
  5. Slang – Johnny Guitar
  6. Bruno Republic – Second Voyage


Experimental discothéque designed by Achille and Giacomo Castiglioni in 1967 for Napoli, Italy: “We took pictures of this flying saucer before it took off again. A hemispheric dome swells out under air pressure, the dark interior space lights up, and along the walls an extraordinary show of lights and colours unrolls, a rhythmic abstract play of 2763 light-space units. The visitor finds himself inside a “Brain of Action”, moving around, listening..” Domus magazine, Ottobre 1967.

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