Top 6 For December 2009


  1. Corn Flakes – Sing (See post)
  2. Bruno Republic – First Voyage (See post)
  3. Pharaoh – Ramses (See post)
  4. Albatros – Stop-Stop Violence (See post)
  5. Fajardo – C’Mon Baby, Do The Latin Hustle (See post)
  6. Carol Rich – Computered Love (See post)

BONUS: Electronic Ensemble – It Happened Then (See post)

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  • Comment | 07/01/2010

    Imo best of December or any other month is the Stop Stop Violence track. That buzzing synth, those female voices, I’m in Milano speeding insanely in a green Fiat police car.

  • Comment | 07/01/2010

    The original 7′ version was a bitch to find at a reasonable price, at the opposite MP3s of remakes and remixes are given away:


    we should swap turns: please post up your own top tracks next month

  • Comment | 08/01/2010

    Will do. Found me an original 7″ version of Stop stop violence – not exactly cheap but money CAN buy happiness.

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