C’Mon Baby, Do The latin Hustle


Fajardo – C’Mon Baby, Do The Latin Hustle

1976 latin disco anthem by a seasoned salsa bandleader.

Assume the social dance position or hold both hands with your partner. The following are the your steps, when you step with the right foot your partner steps with the left foot.

On beat one, tap your left foot to the left. On beat two, bring your left foot back and put your weight on it. On beats three and four, take 3 quick steps: back with your right foot, back with your left foot and foward with your right foot. That’s three quick steps within two counts of the music. On beat five, step foward with your left foot. On the final beat six of the sequence, step foward with your right foot, facing your partner. Start the sequence again and begin a circular motion, leading your partner into a flowing series of counterclock-wise underarm turns and other moves familiar from ballroom dancing, all the while repeating the step pattern. Keep everything smooth, with no rushing or jerking associated with rock dancing.

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  • Comment | 24/05/2010

    I just love to do ballroom dancing specially during my free times. dancing is my passion.:.~

  • Comment | 17/06/2010

    In ballroom dancing, my favorite dance is Rumba and the Flamenco.;::

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