Computered Love


Carol Rich – Computered Love (1983)

The lyrics are just a mumbo jumbo of computer terms that must have sounded cool and geek back in the day.

Carol Rich was once selected for the Eurovision song contest, representing Switzerland. She then collaborated with Roland Romanelli of Space fame but I don’t know if he was involved in the production of this song.

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  • Comment | 15/01/2010

    Valerie Dore? Nathalie? Stephanie du Monaco? Sally Shapiro? Cloetta Paris?

    Carol Rich!

  • Comment | 15/08/2010
    the saucer people

    Love the 1984 Carol Rich ‘Computered Love’ track, you can certainly pick them okay_awright and it’s a testament to her space-disco singing skills that she makes reciting electronic components sound incredibly hot!

    Interesting you said that she collaborated with Roland Romanelli but you were not sure about this track…just been listening to a load of Romanelli tracks and I have to say the music on this track sounds so like his work, those spaced out driving synth sounds are exactly his thing & would bet good money he was involved with this!

    Whats the a-side track ‘Tokyo Boy’ like? Man, one person on Discogs has this and that’s that so I guess it would take a miracle to come across this one!

  • Comment | 28/09/2010

    this is excellent and rare!

    may I have the full mp3?

  • Comment | 28/09/2010

    @saucer_people tokyo boy is just a sub-par pop song of that era (which means it’s really bad)

    @Trakman no prob. come back in a day or two.

  • Comment | 05/10/2010

    sorry I had completely forgotten. Here’s the MP3:

  • Comment | 19/10/2010

    I’d forgotten to check back too, till now – thank you!

    Btw..can you mail me please?

  • Comment | 20/10/2010

    you can contact me privately using the email address included here , no problem.

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