Zombie 0.9

msge688117613617-8817517817 It does really sound like Fabio Frizzi’s Zombie, and for good reasons actually: this is the genuine prototype of this song.

Magnetic System – Godzilla (1977)

It was originally – and very confidentially – released by Vince Tempera and his gang for the failed Luigi Cozzi‘s movie Godzilla Il Re Dei Mostri (no IMDB link): a new cut of the 1954 American version of Gojira, colorized, and which notably features a new soundtrack. coz87368366842465874354919433
I’ve never been able to watch this extraordinarily rare flick. But I can report that this specific piece of music is also used as the intro theme for another rather soporific exploitation movie called Spermula, only in its English-dubbed version though. s56178668555173686843684-576841-58146817


On a side note, F.Frizzi may have looked elsewhere for the source of inspiration for another of his scores – and maybe his most brilliant one, namely Voci Dal Nulla, from 1981. This time the idea might have developed after watching the movie Phantasm and listening to its killer soundtrack by Fred Myrow.

Mind the first few seconds of the sample.

Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave – Mineshaft Chase (1979)

Except that, in this case, F.Frizzi’s work on this same musical phrase has been ultimately perfected.

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  • Comment | 10/11/2009

    I’m speechless

  • Comment | 25/11/2009

    i’m very surprised to discover that frizzi copied the film score. magnetic system seems quite much better!

    is it possible to find this record? what is the label?

    this is a really great website! thanks!

  • Comment | 25/11/2009

    In fact, the band Magnetic System is composed of Fabio Frizzi, Vince Tempera and Franco Bixio (F.Frizzi is the one in the middle in the record sleeve picture). He only re-interpreted/adapted the theme he had originally composed for Godzilla – either alone, or with some input from his colleagues – for a wider audience with the movie Zombi 2.

    The label is “Cinevox” and the catalog number “MDF 111”. The record is a rarity though.

    I’ve uploaded a digitally de-clicked and cleansed version of this tune to the webradio database, and, AFAIK, it’s still being played from time to time in “The latest entries” webradio session right now.

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