You And Me


The HasbeensYou And Me (2009)

New release from the dutch electro disco stars Alden Tyrell & DJ Overdose for the Clone West Coast Series in october 2009. Kinda insane, nasty and very efficient !

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  • Comment | 23/05/2010

    one of the best releases of Clone so far, i love that the electro and italo sounds keep on taking over the galaxy…..

  • Comment | 24/05/2010

    Yes, you’re so right. And if you watch the full video you can see Alden Tyrell for a little second as the driver from the Mercedes that comes along. Nice gimmick!

    Btw: The track is in also our April-session 🙂

  • Comment | 24/05/2010

    yup Robots, I wish you guys would do some productions in this path, I believe your contribution could be awesome with your taste&touch……..

  • Comment | 24/05/2010

    shall we seriously consider doin’ it? italo electro disco sound revolution!

  • Comment | 24/05/2010

    Yes, we should do that – and we already did it. Our own production “Space Love EP” will be released soon on David Caretta’s label “Space Factory”. No joke, that’s really the name of the label – fits perfect to us 🙂

    You can do a pre-listening at


    The tracks are called:

    Star Dust (instr. Premaster)

    Star Dust (Vocoderized Premaster)

    Earth Rock (instr. Premaster)

    Earth Rock (Vocoderized Premaster)

    Hope you enjoy …

  • Comment | 25/05/2010

    excellent news! you cannot go wrong with space factory, it’s premium quality: carretta is THE man. Congratulations, once again. Even if it’s a bit late now, you’ve got an email regarding the record label issue.

  • Comment | 27/05/2010

    lovely tracks, robots………keep on doing the great job!

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