Get up, get on, get out, get off with me


advanced hi-fi technology for your everyday use, 1977 

vince tempera – get up, get on, get out, get off with me

Italy, 1977. Eurodisco perfection by a soundtrack guru.

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  • Comment | 26/09/2009

    I want one of these, my kind of stereo!

  • Comment | 29/09/2009

    the tempera from the holy trinity bixio, tempera & frizzi? is it really the same guy? it sounds so tasty….

  • Comment | 30/09/2009
    Jussi Kantonen

    That’s The Tempera.

  • Comment | 28/07/2010

    I only came across the Vince Tempera track a couple of months ago and I was astounded by it and it immediately crashed into my disco all time top twenty…it took another month before I realised it was the same guy who did two of my favourite albums ‘Sette Note in Nero’ & ‘Dove Vai In Vacanza’.

    To strengthen the prog/disco connections (in my head anyway) both Tempera, Alberto Radius & Mario Lavezzi were in Il Volo who made a couple of “prog” albums in 1975..not familiar with the work of Mario Lavezzi but he apparently made a couple of Italo-disco tracks..obviously Alberto Radius is a freakin’ god.

    Always thought some of the most interesting music was born from the space between and the intersections of seventies ‘progressive rock’ and ‘disco’ music and the work of Tempera & Radius certainly strengthen this premise.

  • Comment | 28/07/2010

    I agree 100% with you (esp. the last subsection) even if you brought up names I can barely set back in context. But now I know that I have to listen to “Il Volo” 🙂 thanks

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