Danza Ritual Del Fuego

Lubomir Brabec & Karel Vagner – Danza Ritual Del Fuego

This is a tune perfect for evoking visions of savage goings-on in mysterious lands or in the twilight zones of the Disco Otherworld. It’s not only during Samhain when our ancestors, deceased djs, dead collectors, dancers, singers and producers sometimes cross the boundary into our physical realm, it can also take place on dark midwinter nights like these. When it happens, act naturally. Be prepared, do not show your fear and have some extra weed ready for the visitors. Show them to the Technics and gently invite them to play their arcane finds from the beyond. It is good manners to dance to the records no matter how odd they may sound, and to comment on them too. Be careful though – say something wrong and the results could be catastrophic.

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