Overlooked Swedish minor disco production from 1978, who knows why only released in Sweden and in Italy on the mysterious Pacha label. Therefore warmly recommended of course, yet another acknowledgement – shouldn’t be that taken for granted already – that Swedes definitely knew their shit in the 70s when it came to production.
You couldn’t really ask for any better here, as the full-on disco package unrolls: pumping synth-driven beat, an orchestra with strings and winds sections, highly dramatic female love chanting and choruses, not to mention the evil filtering effects + bubbling synth work…and we’re speaking almost 4:40 of pure pleasure here….why in the world this never got the 12″ treatment is just a mystery!

Ladygirls – Rain, Rain, Rain

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  • Comment | 09/01/2018

    Who knew it was raining diamonds in Sweden?

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