Fama – Tatuaje

Hors de question the track of 2017 for me. Originally a hit for Conchita Piquer during the forties, the classic song was picked up by Basque country star of stage and screen Fernando Tellextea Fama for a dramatic makeover in 1983. Here’s the translation:

He came in a boat with a foreign name
I found him at the port one dusk
When the white lighthouse was letting fall its
Silver kiss over the sailboats

He was beautiful and fair-haired, like a lager
His chest was tattooed with a heart
In his bitter voice there was sadness
Aching and weary of the accordion

And in front of two glasses of liquor
Atop the stained bar-top
He went along telling me through his teeth
The old story of his love:

“Look at my chest tattooed
With this woman’s name
It’s a reminder of the past
That will never come back

She loved me once and now she’s forgotten me
I, on the other hand, didn’t forget her
And I go around forever marked
With this woman’s name.”

He went away one afternoon,
In the same boat that brought him to me
But he left behind between my lips
A lover’s kiss that I asked of him

Wandering, I search for him in all the ports
I ask the sailors for him
And nobody can tell me if he’s dead or alive
And I continue in my doubt, faithfully searching

And I go about slowly bleeding
From bar to bar
In front of a glass of liquor
Where I drown my pain

Look at your name tattooed
In the caress of my skin
By a low flame I’ve marked it in
And I always go around with it

Maybe you’ve already forgotten me
I, on the other hand, didn’t forget you
And for as long as I haven’t found you
I will search for you, without rest

Listen to me, sailor
And tell me, what do you know about him?
He was fine-looking and haughty
And his hair fairer than honey

Look at his foreign name
Written here on my skin
If you happen to find him
Tell him that I… I’m dying to see him.”

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