This is how you Dance

John Barry – This Is How You Dance

You do know the essential dance moves, guys? Let Adalgiso guide you.

The Sexy Rolling Body: “This is a move that kind of looks like you are a snake,” says Adalgiso. Stand with your feet roughly a foot apart, and start with your head. Bow it forward and roll it back as if you were looking up toward the ceiling. With your head arching back, follow this same movement with your shoulders, rolling through the chest and down to the hips.

The Hot Thrusts: Isolate only your hips and pump them forward quickly or to the beat of the record. (this record is from the soundtrack of the 1972 film “Follow Me”)

The Crazy Bottom Shake: Isolate your bottom and shake it fast by rapidly moving your hips and upper thighs.

When you master these moves, you can start to remove your clothes slowly.

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