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Tuna De Ingenieros De Montes – La Morena De Mi Copla

A Tuna is a group of Spanish university students who wear traditional dresses and wander around the town, playing old instruments and serenading pretty senoritas and everybody else they see.  This thing is something everybody in the country is familiar with, and the songs have been passed on from generation to generation since the 13th century.

The singers  got glorified in one of my favourite neo-slashers,  the gorgeously photographed Tuno Negro / Black Serenade – a senior member of a tuna is a “tuno” – directed by the team Barbero & Martin in 2001. A sinister masked killer stalks the streets of the university town Salamanca, following an ancient sinister pattern and targeting on students too interested in drugs, sex and partying. In one astonishing sequence, a guy tripping on acid is stabbed in the arm by the psychopath. In the eyes of the fascinated druggie his own squirting blood turns into a red Chinese-style dragon that gracefully floats around his dying carcass.

Tuna De Ingenieros De Montes could be the only group of it’s kind to discofy the big tunes of the genre so the album is an important one for sure.






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