トランザム, トランザム – フライ ことりフライ

トランザム, トランザム – フライ ことりフライ

Do it, Japanese style! In a somewhat regimented country line dances were always the most popular, allowing the individual to blend with the crowd on the floor, endlessly repeating the exact same steps as everybody else, walking back and forth and sideways as one and then turning 90 degrees to the left to face a new wall.

The dances themselves were imported from America but in the case of the instructions seen above, something got Lost in Translation.  One or two persons in Japan may have attempted to do the bus stop following those instructions but most must have learned it from  tourists or Gis or while abroad. I saw masses of people do the dance last week in Kyoto during a disco event at the Flamingo, a stunning flashback to the 70s complete with orange carpeting, mirrors on the walls and get this: banguette seating arrangements in brown velour. The moves of the bus stop there were close to the original foot patterns, with interesting regional additions.

Funky four corner and the soul step seem to be something home made someone thought up back in the day. (note: not so! as Gary Wild pointed out the dance does exist. Whether the instructions above give you the right moves is another matter.)

With the point the actual purpose of the dance has been altered as it  was not about just hand moves and shuffling about. Originally the point was done as a means of throwing shade or presenting exclamations: look at that! Wow! No, you’re not doing it right. You’ve got a pair of legs there for sure!

The instructions for the bump are accurate. For the hustle, they certainly are not.

Now, get dancing! Note though that in a Japanese discothéque the dj would not only be spinning the records. He or she would relentlessly shout to the mike over the music, giving advice and encouragement. This relentless verbal assault would go on and on. Of course public announcements have always been everywhere in Japan, you can’t escape them because they also come in English. This is an escalator! This is an escalator! Please be careful while riding the escalator. Please do not cross the yellow lines, hold the hand rail at all times. Thank you for taking the Tokyo City Bus! Please do not rush while making your exit. This is an ESCALATOR!

Last week at the Flamingo, the dj kept the tradition with the mike going but thankfully took a breather during some tracks.

The posted tune is a great, surprising take on Fly Robin Fly.


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