Rupert goes to the club

NYC 26.3.1977

Actor Rupert Everett is one of the most prominent British disco queens. In the volume one of his memoirs called Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins – stuffed with gossip about people like Helmut Newton, Julia Roberts and of course Madonna – he writes about his nights at the legendary Paris discothéque Le Sept. According to the author the following took place there in 1976: “And then, when ”Carwash” bean to play, Saint Laurent and Nureyev jumped up and came hand in hand onto the dance floor. They started jiving together, as I wiggled my way towards them and danced for five ecstatic minutes by their side. When the backing girls sang “toot toot beep beep” they raised their hands and wagged their fingers in unison”.

Rupert dear, there’s no such chorus in the Rose Royce classic. You’re thinking of Donna Summer’s Bad Girls. If you who supposedly lived on the dance floors of London, Paris, St Tropez and New York during the late seventies don’t know your 1976 Rose Royce track from your 1979 Donna Summer song, how are we to trust anything you write?

In 1977 Rupert lived in New York and that means more disco coverage in the book. By this time the details are no longer to be trusted, however entertaining the whole thing is. But, according to the club lists published in Vince Aletti’s Disco Files, the sounds above are what he must have been dancing to exactly 40 years ago.

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  • Comment | 01/04/2017

    LOL, Ohh Rupert dear, know your Disco before writing about it

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