Secret Sunday Lover

Ali Love

1gnition – Secret Sunday Lover (Greg Wilson Edit)

This one’s a classic hit single but the different mixes are soOo efficient to me that I can’t resist to share the groove!

1st release in 2007 produced by Ignition a UK  based band formed by Ali Love & Marcus J Knight with Eon including Greg Wilson‘s epic mix.

Ali Love – Secret Sunday Lover

2nd version appears on Ali Love’s album and single in a dirty style and another juicy mix by Sébastien Léger turning to acid.

Ali Love – Secret Sunday Lover (Sebastien Ledger Remix)

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  • Comment | 29/06/2009

    Like the original a lot, grooves better than the remix. Nice image – used to dj at darkroom parties and got suspicious stuff stuck in my shoes, too.

  • Comment | 29/06/2009

    ahah 😀 Jussi by the way “at darkroom parties” did you use to wear high heels ? (like the pic)… with furs ofcourse! 😉

  • Comment | 29/06/2009

    yep, the second one on the page is dope!

  • Comment | 30/06/2009

    Tough guys don’t wear high heels Kundalini, but I do wish Prada would make cycle boots.

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