Tout Petit La Planète Edit


Plastic Bertrand – Tout Petit La Planète (Okay Edit) (2009) (full length, right-click to save)
Plastic Bertrand – Tout Petit La Planète (1978)

Yet another Dan Lacksman‘s pre-Telex work.

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  • Comment | 03/07/2009

    I like this. Yeah!

  • Comment | 21/10/2010

    Plastic Bertrand – Tout Petit La Plante (Okay Edit)

    oh my God….

    i cant stop listen…..

    I love Mr.Okay_Awright!!!

    Thank you very much

  • Comment | 21/10/2010

    Thanks but Dan Lacksman is the one who deserves 100% of your praises.

    I’ve heard that during the recording of this song, tensions were high between the session guitarists (pros but newcomers – yep, the main melody is played on guitar!) and Dan. He wanted to produce a Space Disco song and they didn’t understand what it was. After very long hours, and when the recording was finally over, the guitarists were so fed up with Dan that they swore they’d never do any session playing any more.

  • Comment | 22/10/2010

    don’t be shy okay! this edit is AMAZING, and i totally love it!

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