Oliver Robotron


Misha Panfilov Sound Combo – Oliver Robotron

Chase jazz, deep space mysticism, desert disco and sounds made by something in high heels sashaying up from the vaults of Cinecittá – Misha Panfilov Sound Combo’s latest seven combines all that without missing a beat. This is one of those rare records with both sides ready to go down a storm in a dark basement as well as by the pool at sunset. In other words, a perfect Overfitting Disco package.

Space Jogging has sharp electronic motifs that squirm around a huge bassline and fat beats but as always, we must look closely at the b-side. Oliver Robotron is a more detailed walk thru what seems like the neon lit back alleys Soho during the Cool Britannia era when it was still about proper old school clubbing. Here especially, Mr Panfilov and his gang  excel with ultrasharp playing and astute arrangements, keeping the incredients fresh with personal touches whilst looking towards the future.

Recorded in Estonia in 2016, out By Funk Night Records of Detroit.

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