Unfinished Journey @ 33

Sheets in the ForestBiddu Orchestra – Unfinished Journey @ 33

A few days ago I spotted a leaking hydraulic pipe in my car. Naturally my first reaction was that all things come to an end and my beloved magic carpet would be dead forever. Thankfully cigarettes, alcohol and happy people encouraged me to fix it. It was sort of fun to wallow in LHM-fluids under the car in order to attach a replacement pipe to the system. Now the road is open again! So, where next? Maybe to spot some castle ruins or abandoned buildings in the forest. As much as I love road tripping, I’d really really love to try cycling again (a motivation deprivation after all those years with bad knees and still bad knees). Everything is such addictive fun with bicycles. For example as a child I remember riding through the sheets. Unfortunately there’s no picture to prove it, but it did happen… maybe once, until it was forbidden as about anything that was fun. That’s why you have to settle for a still from Vera Chytilovás Ovoce stromu rajských jíme (Fruit of Paradise). Soundscape from a classic Biddu 45 played at wrong speed.

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