The Five Blackies


The Five Blackies – Summer’s Almost Over

The Five Blackies – Disco Nights

There’s been a lot of talk about this German private pressing the last couple of years, so i thought it was time to get it on Overfitting. Rumours said that only few copies exists and they originally was giving out at a concert as some kind of promo.
A side “Summer’s almost over” which i like the most is in some way more a rock tune. First time i heard it i couldn’t really understand the fuzz about it, but i got sucked into it’s vibe and it became very addictive.
Flip side is a real disco banger and if you’re into the more cheesy German style you will love this! Aren’t we all feeling as the king of the disco night sometimes? i know i am..

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  • Comment | 12/04/2016
    Le Discoboulet

    Great discovery 😉

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