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Spring IS here and dancing right now to Viva America and the rest from my recently posted list of faves is a good start to warm up those lazy winter bones. The sound is summer disco, made of of latin and bossa-flavoured easy listening, library music (recordings for so called music libraries from where film, radio and TV producers could license titles for their productions), psychedelia, soundtracks, lightweight pop and lollipop soul.

First up is Banzai featuring les Glodettes whose Viva America is the ultimate summer song if you ask me. The Glodettes were the backup dancers of legendary late French singer Claude Francois and they probably never sang a note on any record, only appearing on sleeves and promo videos. No matter as this tune is fantastic. The synths swirl and flash around on a highly energetic rhythm base topped by a hypnotic bass line, explosive percussion and an animated lead vocalist shouting in Spanish. Impossible not to groove along. You’ll sense the Glodettes all around you twirling madly.

The power of the rhythms increases, some playful intersections appear and the chorus assumes a less hysterical but more seductive tone in the next tune Ninas by Los Bomberos. All following tracks are in a similar vein and definitely a joy to dive into for any devotee of El Bimbo-influenced mondo disco.

Prince Albert Orchestra’s Try To Satisfy Me was included in the list but as this post is all about summer and fun I didn’t want to promote anything too expensive and hard to get. So, it had to give way to others more easily available, like Ela Ela by the Greek band Axis. And it’s just as good. This thing grooves and steams and freaks out throughout the whole record, with a mindripping fuzzed out bouzouki break that pushes you into a quick state of trance you’d want to go on for hours, melting your soul while your body shakes from the impulses and the psychedelic flow of colors. Campasino! Disco Piper! Couldn’t stop and had to throw in Chinese Kung Fu by Banzai as well, and Lalabye, and naturally the OUTSTANDING Magic Combo By African Magic Combo! But does this mix make sense and is it all well mixed in the traditional way? No, it’s more like a frenzied outburst of insane happiness, like oh how I love this music and yes the coming summer will be great!

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  • Comment | 19/04/2016
    Horia Pușcuță

    what songs are at 5:10 and at 8:10 (they are between Ninas and Magic Combo) ? Thank you.

  • Comment | 19/04/2016
    Horia Pușcuță

    Never mind…I’ve got it…they are “Desert Express – Disco Piper” and “Rinaldo’s Band – Campasino (instrumental)”

  • Comment | 20/04/2016

    If you like the Desert Express check out a vocal version of the tune by Isabel alled I Love You Disco. http://overfitti.ng-dis.co/archives/11322

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