Ragazza Della Sera

Ragazza Della Sera
Lonely streets, electric nights, neon lights, dark ladies walking, solitary, searching for some unspeakable pleasure, or pain. These are the ingredients of the track Ragazza Della Sera, sung entirely in Italian by Eva Nora, but released in 1985 by French label Trema. It’s a quite weird tune, which varies from a slow Italo disco to a dark synth pop style. The authors are Laurence Matalon and Jean Musy, who are the composers even of the A-side from this 7″, the track Vagabonda, previously included in the movie La Palombière (Jean-Pierre Denis, 1983). Central part is maybe less interesting, but the opening and ending minutes, with their dark lyrics and a slow, hypnotic rhythm, are worth a listening.

Eva Nora – Ragazza Della Sera


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  • Comment | 06/04/2016

    Really like this one!

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