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Jussi Kantonen mix – D.C LaRue’s Disco Juice.

Broadcast last Saturday night on Newton Radio in NYC in D.C.LaRue’s Disco Juice show, this is 75 minutes of tracks, clips of which were posted at Overfitting Disco ages ago, posted quite recently or, as in a few cases, posted not yet at all. We’re going back to basics here a lot, into content which has always related to our target audience. Encouragement and musical motivation to drop-outs, outcasts and outlaws, people like you and me. That’s the ticket, right? No fucking Abba here.

That’s got to be Erika Blanc in the pic, btw.

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  • Comment | 18/04/2016

    Great mix (as always).
    What’s the one after Gershon Kingsley?

  • Comment | 19/04/2016

    Thanks! – that’s L’Antico Gastagno: Sciack Sciuck Seghin.

  • Comment | 22/04/2016

    Thank you, sir.

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