Ugler i mosen


Gnags – Ugler i mosen

Funny enough i’ve discovered this record through the Stockholm based dj, Johan Ressle. And even funnier was i couldn’t connect the language when i first heard it. I was sure it was some weird swedish record. To my big surprise it wasn’t. It was from my own small kingdom Denmark. A Danish record sung in Danish. And not by some secret 70s rock band. No, it’s by one of the most famous 70s and 80s danish pop bands, Gnags. And to be honest, a band i really disliked. Another fine example of why you shouldn’t be judgemental when searching for good tracks. Gnags just moved up the latter in my musical perception.
The title Ugler i mosen (Owls in the swamp) is a danish figure of speech of something being fishy.

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