Poznanska Orkiestra

Those concerned with orchestral music are as a rule of the opinion that the process of maturing takes in the case of a big orchestra usually at least a few years of systematic work. But sometimes it is not so and an early success the newly-founded group has achieved, the excellent notices on its concerts upset all pre-conceived theories. This was precisely the case with the Entertainment Orchestra of Polish Radio and Television in Poznań, whose development proved very dynamic and spontaneous indeed.

It made its first recordings early in 1977. Being the youngest orchestra in this country, made up of freshly qualified graduates of Polish higher schools of music, it found itself, only after a few months of activities, on the two major festival platforms of Opole and Sopot. From the very start their enthusiasm and ambition prevailed over their lack of experience and their whole repertoire consisted of pieces written by the Young Poznań composers: Zbigniew Górny, Stanislaw Bartosik, Krzesimir Debski, Bogdan Jarmolowicz, Piotr Kaluzny and Janusz Piqtkokski.

Their cooperation with this big ochestral group provides them with the possibility of many-sided practice, as they can arrange, conduct and record their own pieces. Tens of their compositions and orchestral recordings have also been bought by foreign music publishers and record companies in the FRG, Great Britain and USA.

Now, three years after its foundation, the Orchestra is well-known to radio listeners and television viewers both at home and abroad. They owe this popularity to their recordings of around 300 pieces, their appearances in numerous radio and television programmes, with the most popular among them The Music of the Small Screen, as well as their three cassettes released by the Wifon company. One of these cassettes was done in cooperation with the British company London Weekend Television.

The style of the Orchestra is a resultant of the tastes and tendencies of its group of composers. That is why its repertoire is also diverse. You can find in it, along with disco and funky rhythms, numbers typical of jazz big bands, as well as arrangements of pop and classical music standards. But what is common to all its recordings is a modern approach to arrangement, wide range of instruments, precision in playing and a wish to achieve a distinctive sound of their own. In the realization of these qualities the orchestra is helped by the sound engineers, Ryszard Gloger and Zenon Wolinski.

The Orchestra’s appearances at the Intervision festivals jointly with such celebrities as Gary Brooker, The Temptations, Linda Lewis, Drupi, Dream Express has proved the Poznań group’s ability to reproduce the best qualities of their studio recordings before audiences as well.

This record début is an attempt to recapitulate synthetically both the creative and performing capacity of this very young but already mature Orchestra.” (From the sleeve notes of Poznańska Orkiestra Rozrywkowa PR I TV  LP, Polskie Nagrania Muza, 1978).


What else i have to say? Nothing except that i am falling in love with Polish disco.

A4 – Poznańska Orkiestra Rozrywkowa PR I TV – Podróż Błyskawicą

A6 (from Strawinski Firebird) – Poznańska Orkiestra Rozrywkowa PR I TV – Ognisty Ptak

B1 – Poznańska Orkiestra Rozrywkowa PR I TV – Wygrany Mecz





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