Love in Naples


I have just come back from two days around the Naples area. I had not really the time to do some crate digging also because , as every time i go there, i was enchanted by the maze of narrow streets and ancient buildings of the old town. I have, however, promised to return soon, and devote only looking for some disco rarities produced in the Neapolitan area. Inspired by this recent trip, i fished from my collection of vinyls, a piece from the musical “Musikiller “, which was staged in Rome in 1982, directed by Sandro Pochini and interpreted by Gli Immorali (The Immorals) company. The musical was recorded by the Rome based Pinciana Record label, specialized in stage soundtracks, under the group name Complesso Strumentale Nova Vera. Tracks vary from jazz to samba to funk-disco. This one is sung in Neapolitan dialect, and titled “Ma l’Ammore”; the text would say that only in Naples they are good in making love…well i hope not only in Naples to tell the truth!


Complesso Strumentale Nova Vera – Ma l’Ammore

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