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McKinleys was another famous Danish “boy” group, which, like Mabel, experimented with the disco sound during the late 70’s/early 80’s. Particularly their album “Robin Hood”, where “Happy Music” can be found, features some really nice production and songwriting skills. The drummer and singer of McKinleys, Ivan Pedersen, later became the male half of the 80’s pop duo Laban.

McKinleys – Happy music

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  • Comment | 30/10/2015

    The Danes really got it right with the lyrics. Detroit City had amazing ones and this here tune sure delivers the goods as well: “evening bells are ringing, all the girls are singing…” What are evening bells? Do they ring them everywhere in Copenhagen when sun goes down? Do all girls burst into a song when this happens? Jesus, that’s quite a scene! I’ve been to Copenhagen a few times but didn’t notice anything like this going on, though. Must have been inside at sundown. In the porno museum. Yes, that was it.

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