Katty Line – Adriano


Take your Fiorucci t-shirt, and come with me, we will do a nice tour of Milan. I have a special time machine that can take us back to 1980, and i assure i know where to bring you… Such exotic places as Primadonna, No Ties and La Nuova Idea are the best gay clubs in town; fashion is not yet the first  business here, but people love to party in the craziest and sometimes home-made attires. Leather men, punks, “Fioruccini” types create a wonderful mix, especially at La Nuova Idea, where often “luna park-style” disco pumps from the speakers. Now the French chanteuse Katty Line is singing her new disco hit Adriano, written and produced in Italy by Phil Sun (name under which hides the great Miro/Mario Baldoni). It’s only midnight, time machine will wait us outside. NOW DANCE!

Track is side-a of a 7″ issued in 1980 by Radio Records. Side-b is  Viens track, a bit slower, but nice too.

Katty Line – Adriano




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