Me And My Super Friends


black hole – me and my super friends

Brazil 1978. The label of the record reads Black Hole: Black Hole, but Discogs  credits the album to Signus.

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  • Comment | 30/05/2009

    I’ve been looking for this LP for ages! please post more from this record if you can!

  • Comment | 24/07/2010

    This ‘Black Hole’ LP obsession is not going away, possibly due to the fact Cosmic Dudes posted a full version of ‘Me & My Super Friends’ track on their site (well I presume its the full track at 9:40s)….only problem is its in 160 and for mixing purposes it does not really cut the cosmic mustard so to speak….so I wonder, does anyone have a decent rip of the Signus/Black Hole ‘Me And my Super Friends’ track they would be willing to share with me?

    Just got a pristine 320 rip of the extended Sensitive ‘Driving’ track as well as ‘Don’t Stop’ & ‘Give Me’ by them or if there is anything else you are looking for I may have it in return for the Black Hole track…my gods when I listened it for the first time it gave me the same feeling of utter joy I had when I first heard the Black Devil LP, Jellybean’s remix of Easy Going’s ‘Fear’ or Danny Darrow’s ‘Doomsday’ track…utter demented genius!

  • Comment | 24/07/2010

    pvt me I can help

  • Comment | 25/09/2010

    hi saucer people

    if you fancy a Wav rip of ‘me & my superfriends let us know…

    ciao. 🙂

  • Comment | 25/09/2010

    it’s been a long time since we last saw saucer people among our midst, I just hope that he’s not been abducted for good 🙂

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